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Call for Abstract

On behalf of CAOS International, I would like to warmly invite you to the 2018 CAOS meeting to be held June 6-9 in Beijing, China. In collaboration with CAOS China and the China Society of Computer Aided Surgery, we would like to gather many surgeons and researchers in this area, in order to result in a rich and fruitful exchange of ideas, information on various new technologies, as well as the formulation of future directions for CAOS.

Special Opportunity
In addition to soliciting regular paper submissions in our normal topic areas (see below), we will be offering an additional special opportunity aimed at enhancing broader discussions. In addition to the regular paper, we will call for Extended papers.

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Abstract Submission Guideline
· The Scientific Committee invites the submission of original abstracts for ORAL or POSTER presentation.  Abstracts that are not accepted for Oral Presentation will automatically be considered for Poster Presentation.
· All abstracts submitted online will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.
· Abstracts should be submitted via the on-line submission system.
· All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.
· To correct an abstract that has already been submitted or to submit another abstract, please use the log-in and password which you received when you submitted your original abstract. This will enable you to access the previously submitted abstract/s or to submit an additional abstract/s.

Topics addressed in the contribution (select all primarily relevant options in A, B AND C; multiple selections in each section possible)

 Clinical Application Focus
o Ankle
o Knee
o Hip
o Spine
o Shoulder
o Elbow
o Wrist
o Deformity Correction
o Joint Replacement
o Revision Surgery
o Trauma Surgery
o Oncology
o Rehabilitation
o Orthopaedic /Trauma Surgery in general (i.e. relevance for different interventions)
o Others

 Technological Focus
o Imaging (morphol. / functional, upright, dynamic,…) - CT, MRT, US, Elastography, PET, OCT,… )
o Image Processing / Signal Processing
o Registration & Data Fusion
o Knowledge Based Systems and Databases (Statistical Models, Biomechanical Models, Process/Workflow Models,…)
o Simulators & Planning Software
o Robotics
o Navigation
o PSI / individual templates
o Patient specific implants
o Smart instruments and implants
o New Sensors & Actuators (mechatronic components)
o Control / real time control
o Additive manufacturing ("3D-Printing")
o Shock Waves and Therapeutic Ultrasound/HIFU
o Computer Assisted Laser surgery
o Internet of Things (IOT) – Interoperability
o Medical Apps
o Surgical Process Management/Monitoring Software
o Mechanical /mechatronic assist devices
o Smart Patient Positionning
o Integrated Surgical Workplace/Operating Room Design Concepts
o Others

 Research Focus / Type of Contribution
o New medical/surgical approaches/strategies
o Experimental and pre-clinical Evaluation
o Clinical Studies / Reviews of clinical trends and results
o Multicenter Trials
o Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines
o Workflow/process management in and with CAOS (Surgical Monitoring)
o Education & Training (Concepts, Systems, Evaluation)
o New technologies, approaches, tools and components
o Open source software and databases
o Morpho-functional Imaging and Multisensorfusion
o Efficient Personalized Information Acquisition and Clinical Pathways
o Data Mining and Personalized Modelling
o Biomechanics (Personalized Modelling, Simulation, Evaluation, …)
o Automated Therapy/Surgery Planning Assistance
o Model based Personalized Rehabilitation
o Tele-Rehabilitation & Reha@Home
o Medical Apps for CAOS
o Human-Machine-Interaction (HMI), Usability Engineering & Evaluation
o Architecture / Interfaces / Components / Demonstrators for Secure dynamic networks of medical devices and IT (IOT) in OR and clinic
o Cost efficiency (Strategies, Parameters, Evaluation, …)
o Others

Paper Submission

Key Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline
January 31, 2018
February 11, 2018

Pre-Registration Deadline

April 30, 2018
May 15,2018

On-site Registration Dates
June 6, 2018

Congress Date
June 6-9, 2018

We recommond to book your hotel room before May 20.